60% Success rate.  Record time 36:34.  Average Escape time 00:00

I’ve got bad news for you. This year, you didn’t make it into the Big Guy’s book. That’s right, you didn’t score a place on the nice list. But that’s where I come in. My name’s Burt, and I’m a bit of a North Pole rebel. You see, I think that people who were so close to making it on the Nice List deserve a chance. And you're in luck, because I know where it’s stored.

That’s why I’ve brought you to the reindeer stable. If you can make it through the puzzles I’ve laid out, find the nice list, and put your names on it, Santa will make a stop at your house Christmas Eve. But you’ve only got one hour before Santa gets back from his test flight and catches you. Then it’s the Naughty List for sure! Good luck!

Burt, out.

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This game is recommended for ages 14 and up. All players must sign a waiver and all players under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. A pdf version of the waiver can be found here if a parent or guardian wishes to give consent without accompanying a player under 18 in person.

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