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Baker Street 5:30pm

Baker Street 5:30pm


I am contacting you regarding the dead body that will soon be discovered at the shipping docks. 

I trust that you are familiar with the notorious gang of mysterious criminals known as the Baker Street Five, renowned for their high profile robberies. And I’m also sure that you know that to this day, the identity of the five members remains a mystery. 

Late last night, the gang held a secret meeting at the docks to plan their most elaborate heist yet: the theft of the crown jewels. This meeting started out as every other meeting had, but it quickly took an unexpected turn. A few of the members seemed unusually nervous. Tension and suspicion was running high, and a minor disagreement that arose while planning the heist quickly escalated into a heated argument. The argument ended when one member was accused of being a snitch, and shots were fired. When the smoke cleared, one crew member lay dead, killed by a single bullet to the head. The remaining crew members immediately fled the scene. 

The person who pulled the trigger was the founding member and leader of the Baker Street Five – a seasoned criminal whose downfall would permanently dismantle the gang. A capture like this would certainly bolster the career and reputation of the detective clever enough to make the collar, wouldn’t you agree? 

You must be wondering how I know all of this information... I am the newest and lowest ranking member of the Baker Street Five. Since I joined the gang, I haven’t been given the proper remuneration I was promised. But since my field of expertise is break and entry and lock picking, I have more than fairly compensated myself from the gang’s treasury. 

You should also know that while you slept this morning, I quietly let myself in to your workshop and planted clues to help you identify the murderous gang leader and the murder victim. 

So why am I providing you with this information? It’s simple. While you are distracted in your pursuit of the leader of the Baker Street Five, I plan on quietly slipping out of the country and starting a new life for myself. 

One word of warning, the leader will be leaving the country within the next hour, so you’d better work quickly. 


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Event Date 08-18-2019 5:30 pm
Event End Date 08-18-2019 6:30 pm
Capacity 8
Registered 0
Available place 8
Cut off date 08-18-2019 5:15 pm
Individual Price $25.00
Location Greeley's Great Escape
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